The Great Modernists in India

Esperienza Exhibitions, in association with ARTPLAY MEDIA, brings you MONET VAN_GOGH MALEVICH, a breath-taking amalgam of artwork, music and vibrant and dynamic imagery that has enthralled audiences around the world. Moscow-based ARTPLAY MEDIA is a pioneering company whose mission it is to create visually stunning interactive shows using latest, state-of-the-art multimedia technology.

ARTPLAY MEDIA has a goal of reinventing great works of art in an up-to-date and captivating manner to produce shows that are both entertaining and educative. ARTPLAY MEDIA has the expertise to realize most ambitious creative ideas and bring spectacular shows to wide audiences.

Following a highly successful first run in Moscow, the show then traveled to other cities in Eastern Europe and China. ARTPLAY MEDIA uses the counsel of leading experts, art historians and top researches to ensure the shows are error-free and exciting even for those who don’t know much about art history. And now Esperienza Exhibitions has teamed up with ARTPLAY MEDIA to help you experience art like you never did before.

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