New breakthrough Artplay Media project

At the beginning of September 2016 at the Moscow's Artplay Design Center started the brand new show “ The Best Marine Artists” which shows the art of the famous marine artists and unveils life story of the world acclaimed marine artist Ivan Aivazovsky in format of the show which we called “multimedia spectacle”.

The project is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the classic Russian paintings - by Ivan Aivazovsky, and represents performance leading the viewer to literally through the labyrinth of life of the maestro. In the role of Aivazovsky made famous Russian actor Sergei Garmash, telling the audience from the first person in the form of a confidential story boy's life, which is to become a world-renowned artist.

In the scenario laid biographical facts, documents, letters and memoirs of contemporaries Aivazovsky. In parallel, the performance marked the key historical events that took place during the life of the artist, which are read in a TV news format.

For the Russian market the project named " I am Aivazovsky" to enhance the brand value with almost hundred percent knowledge of the artist's name among the russian speaking audience.

New breakthrough Artplay Media project has become a notable event in the multimedia shows and exhibitions market.

The official site:

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